Couch Bike

couch bike

Brent Curry had been planning on taking a trip and with previous adventures testing both his endurance and comfort, he decided to construct a new vehicle to for his travels. The couch bike has two independent gear trains and uses a tiller handle to control the front wheels. Brent and his Norwegian cohort Eivind used the bike to explore Maritime Canada. They only drew attention from the cops 3 times during their journey. They did have a little trouble with the couch being 7 inches wider than a Lincoln Navigator; when riding on paved bike trails they had to disassemble the bike to get around gates designed to prevent motor vehicles. The travelogue also mentions being forcibly dismounted only once, when Brent failed to grab both brakes at the same time.

[via Treehugger]

10 thoughts on “Couch Bike

  1. Haha, Hack-a-day, YOU LOSE! There are capital letters in the Google Adverts. And if you look at the source code then you can see all the caps people put into their comments!

    Also; this is an awesome Hack, thanks Hack-a-day! I might build one for my expeiditon; Le Tour Grande de Europe!

  2. Yeah, the capital letters are in the comments and even the original hackaday posts. Just override the css stylesheet, the troublesome line is:
    text-transform: lowercase;

    I don’t particularly understand the lowercase thing, but since it is easy enough to bypass it doesn’t really bother me.

  3. The override suggested by #7 can be accomplished with Firefox by creating a file named ‘userContent.css’ in the chrome subdirectory of your Firefox profile. For example, on Linux, that might be something like

    Put the following line in the userContent.css file:
    body { text-transform: none !important; }

    Save the file and restart Firefox. This will override the text-transform property on all webpages, but that’s fine by me; capital letters were made to be used.

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