Cellphone Controlled Door Opener

door opener

Looking for a way to demonstrate his AutoIt script that allows Windows control using a cellphone, zerocool60544 put together this automatic door opener/closer. It uses two water bottles as counterweights and two LEGO motors to drive the door. The motor control is a parallel port connected relay board. It’s a pretty simple demo, but I’ll definitely be looking into AutoIt in the future.

[thanks emdy]

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  1. AutoIt is definitley something anyone having to manage computers should look into, it’s a really cool language. I found it when I was looking for a secure and reliable way of running a program as administrator but I have used it for so much more.

    The best part about it is the compiler that comes with it. You can take any script you’ve written and compile it into an executable very easily.

    Be sure to check out the forums, you can get the beta version there and the “scripts and scraps” section has tons of great code in it.

  2. I have the serial port relay controller from electronickits.com -which reliably controls some hydroponic elements… the 8 relays on the serial kit can individually support 10amps up to 250v – has 4 opto-isolated inputs- and there is nothing proprietary about the multiple provided pc interfacia software (DOS based as well) -the switching time is posted as .2 sec, and I seem to recall some difficulty scheduling events for midnight -nothing hard to work around… i’ve been very happy with it

  3. Autoit kicks much butt. I use it to make custom installers for the academic-licensed software here at school; you can have AutoIt enter serial numbers and other pertinent info. I homebrewed some cloning scripts/.exe’s (where Ghost isn’t an option), but now we’re moving to UIU for our WinPCs. Still, many neat possibilities for AutoIt users.

  4. Hey guys someone told me on the autoitforum that i was famous. I got here and WOW!!! I AM!!! Thanks so myuch for your intrest but the software came with the relay board.
    I recommend AutoIt at http://www.autoitscript.com
    The door thing consists of an Autoitscript, PHP Script, and a HTML
    get it all here
    Thanks again guys

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