Robotic Motion Sensing Using An Optical Mouse

optical mouse

We’ve had fun with the sensors in optical mice before, but [Mac Cody] wrote in to tell us about his legitimate application of the technology. First, he disassembled the mouse and bypassed the on-board controller. He then wired the clock and data lines to a Harris RTXEB single board computer. It’s based around a Harris RTX2001A microcontroller which he programmed in Forth to talk to the Agilent optical mouse sensor. Documented code is provided in case you want to implement it in a different language. His future plans for the system are to roll it into some robot projects for dead reckoning navigation.

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Shmoocon 2006: The Church Of Wi-Fi Presents: An Evil Bastard, A Rainbow And A Great Dane!


The Church of WiFi gave a presentation on some of their recent projects. The first was coWPAtty, a program for brute forcing WPA-PSK. To speed up the process they created a table for pre-hashed WPA-PSK. WPA-PSK is seeded using the SSID of the router, so they grabbed the top 1000 SSIDs from and calculated the hashes when using a 170,000 word dictionary. Now they are able to check 18,000 keys/sec instead of just 12 keys/sec.

The next project was Evil Bastard, a custom WRT firmware. It is similar to Rogue Squadron which is a firmware designed to spoof an access point and collect user information by phishing. Evil Bastard has even more tools like Aircrack and Driftnet. It even features a “Point ‘n 0wn” interface that lets you just click on the target you want to automatically spoof.

The CoWF is also responsible for Kiswin, Kismet for Windows, which saves you from having to install Cygwin.

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