Squeezebox Audible Caller ID

squeezebox caller id

Ben loved using his Squeezebox music streamer, but every time the phone rang he would have to pause the music. Once the phone call was complete he wouldn’t remember to start the music again. He decided to automate the entire process. His circuit is a combination of a couple different circuits he found online: a ring detector, an on/off hook detector, and an audio interface. Most of his article details how caller ID signals are encoded and how he decodes them. Now whenever the phone rings the music is automatically paused. Between rings the Squeezebox announces who is calling. When the phone is placed back on the hook the music automatically starts again.

10 thoughts on “Squeezebox Audible Caller ID

  1. i’m supprised more music devices dont have those, like stereos or media centers that don’t really move and have easy access to the phone line.

    i would’nt mind seeing cell phone bluetooth control mp3 players or car radios.

  2. I have the motorola’s bluetooth headphones I think the model number is ht820 and they do this it connects to my L7 and my mp3 at the same time and when I get a call interupts ands when I hang it starts the music again in like 5 secs. But as far as having one in your house this is the first I have heard of anyone doing that, so its definately marketable you should go for it.

  3. Wow, I’m very impressed. Someone should devise a hack similar to this but that uses a tv instead, in fact link it up to a PVR and it could pause and then begin playback once you put the phone down.

  4. For those who have Sony Ericsson phones, there is a program called Float’s Mobile Agent.

    Using bluetooth or a data cable, FMA will pause your music when you get an incoming call and show the caller id on your screen. I even use my computers mic and speakers or headset so i dont have to touch my phone, all i have to do is click answer. You can even customize the ringer to play a specific tone for different callers and add a picture as well.

    On top of all that, it will sync your phonebook, you can send sms using your keyboard, retrieve sms from your phone, manage ringtone and pics. It allows the user to control most functions of the phone without having to touch it. just bein able to type text messages and enter contacts using your keyboard is a great feature. another bonus for some like me is that if you get really bad reception in your house or work, just place the phone in the one location where it works and then use the PC as your phone.

    there can be some downsides though, one being that every bluetooth SE phone ive used can only handle one connection at a time. so if you use a bt headset, you have to configure your desktop to use it in headset mode to take the call that way. it became too cumbersome so now i just use my pc as a speaker phone or with wired headphones.


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