Bluetooth Headset Teardown Guide

bluetooth headset

Recently people have been adapting Bluetooth headsets for use in other devices: the NES controller headset and the classic brick phone. [matt billings] put together a guide to tearing down a Motorola HS820 Bluetooth headset to show how easy this is. He picked the HS820 because it is apparently only $30 at Radio Shack and Amazon. Sounds like a good enough candidate to me.

14 thoughts on “Bluetooth Headset Teardown Guide

  1. wow, really nice, i think im going to make thing with bluetooth soon, this really helped alot thanks m8 i appreciat it it will help me alot :D thanx for the help it will come in good use for me.

  2. As a RadioShack employee this bluetooth headset is on sale till the 17th. If that store is out, ask them to Direct2U the item to you. That means you pay for it in the store and we ship it to you for free (3-5 business days).

  3. Damm and to think I paid $100 for mine when I bought my new phone! I don’t even use it anymore, but I was thinking that if it charges over a USB connector maybe it has software hacking potential?

  4. Thanks for that info, formatc! Luckily, I live in Boston, so I can probably find some used ones at the MIT SwapFest. (Yay, SwapFest!)

    Do you know if these headsets are being replaced by a new Motorola model or something?

  5. well, technically it already has been. newer (ie smaller) ones are already out there. that model sold for 70 bucks, the newer ones are 120. the fact that amazon is reportedly offering the same price means it is like to be a manufacturers’ discount. i have herd the plantronics explorer beats it hands down on quality, but it doesn’t look as cool.

  6. wtf is wrong with you, this here isnt a hack, but its really helpfull. and you are complaining that hackaday aint posting hacks? hackaday isnt a place that post hacks everyday, its a place where you meet other people to discuss hacking hardwear. you guys are wierd.

  7. …Bluetooth headset
    + Speech Recognition
    + Text to Speech
    + Creative Programming
    …Amazing fun

    I can’t wait to get a bluetooth headset.
    BTW: can this headset connect to a PC? I would buy a shit load of them. :)

  8. I need a super cheap bluetooth switch.

    E.g. some way for my phone to turn on/off something like a light using BT.

    As we all know, BT-Modules cost $50+ which is absurd considering a BT-dongle costs $1.95.

    Anyone got any leads on a cheap solution for me?


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