MacBook Pro Biometrics


I’m amazed at how many people are willing to chop up their brand new toys. Take [edahc]’s brand new MacBook Pro. He decided to mount a Sony Puppy FIU-600 fingerprint scanner in the case. The device is powered directly from the DC board. I think the MacBook Pro may actually lend itself more to these types of modifications than most laptops because of the large flat metal surfaces on the case. More so than say your standard lumpy plastic Dell.

25 thoughts on “MacBook Pro Biometrics

  1. lol @ steve
    i too am amazed that many people are willing to cut into new devices, esp. expensive ones.
    He did a very clean job, too bad the scanner doesnt match the laptop colorwise, but it looks neat anyway.
    This kinda reminds me of the hackadaqy torrone days. Happy 4th!

  2. Please… Someone IP ban steve from posting :-(

    Steve, please, we dont want to hear you, your spelling and grammar are worse than mine (which _IS_ saying something), and we really dont care if you liked the hack or not, because you are a tard, and pretty much every frequenter here hates you… please learn to keep your thoughts, oppinions, or corrections to yourself, or find somebody that cares…

    Nice hack, surely you’d be able to incorperate this into some kind of encryption to make your files truely unaccessable… As for the latpops safety, I highly doubt a fingerprint scanner would stop a laptop-theif, but might confuse them :p


  3. LED’s were meant as a replacement for neon indicator lamps. neon **indicator** lamps. they are meant to indicate something, like the hdd activity led or the led on your router. the rest is superflous.

    do i want 3600 leds in my case when i’m in my room wanking to anna kournikova pics? hell no! if someone walked in, the daylight in my room produced from my motherboards reflection would blow my cover. their eyes take time to adjust to the dim light geeks require to think clearly, giving you time to hid your little stick o’ ram.

    come up with a better counter-argument. i dare you.

    led argument = over

  4. sonic reducer:

    Surely on a site that is pretty much dedicated to using things in a way that is not expected/intended the argument that they are only meant to do this or that is a weak one at best. Who cares what people use leds for, or what articles get posted on hackaday.

    Or, for a rather more straightforward reply: Apostrophes were never meant to be used in places like “led’s were”, but that didn’t seem to stop you.

  5. Too bad the site doesn’t show a diagram / layout for the project so you can see how it was wired in. It is pretty crazy that he cut up a brand new MacBook Pro for it… :-P

  6. @sonic reducer: if you’re going to use a $5 word like superfluous in a demeaning manner, at least have sense to spell it correctly, lest you look like a tard.

    Were it not for the superfluous use of many things, art wouldn’t be what it is.

  7. all bashing aside, can’t it be said that pretty much anything on a computer, house, ect that makes it look pretty or aesthetically pleasing at all could be deemed superfluous? Everything about your case that makes it anything other than a beige rectangle is done simple to please the user. Different users have different tastes, everything from the most lit clear case to a plain and simple li-lan. I recently changed the power and hard drive activity LEDs on my pc to green. Why? Because I had spare LEDs and thought it would look cool. Does that make me a “kiddie on drugs LOL”? Not really.

  8. “Were it not for the superfluous use of many things, art wouldn’t be what it is.”

    there is a big difference between artistically doing something and putting as much paint as you can on something (like using a lot of led’s). each brushstroke on a canvas is meant for something, like an led showing hdd activity, not just put there to add color.

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