Improvised Wire Wrapping Tool

wire wrap tool

Wire wrapping is a quick and reliable way to build prototypes and one-off pieces of hardware. The multiple cold welded joints makes it even more reliable than PCBs in certain environments like high vibration. [Justin Jones] couldn’t find his favorite wire wrapping tool or anyone selling a replacement so he decided to improvise. He constructed a new tool using a pen tube, small screwdriver, and a bit of metal cut from a floppy disk. The only thing it’s really missing is a built in wire stripper.

33 thoughts on “Improvised Wire Wrapping Tool

  1. A couple (probably stupid) questions:

    I’m not sure I understand how the cold welding works…wikipedia mentions a vaccuum being used because oxygen can screw up the cold welding…so does that mean that the wires are cold welded here, just to a lesser extent, or does the oxygen screw things up here (and we’re left with a handy tool to wrap the wires with, but no welding)?

    also, are the posts part of the board, or were they added?

    if added, how are they staying in place (I would assume solder)?

    for what I understand of it, nice hack…

  2. Remember everyone… If you think steve doesn’t exist he doesn’t.

    My guess is that he is some irritating AI developed as part of MIT’s SpamBrain program. They are testing his capacity to annoy with useless remarks. If we stop giving them useful data, they’ll turn him loose on slashdot.

    And…uh… Good hack! Actually the thing I found most interesting was his thoughts on building an impromptu wire stripper. I’ve got some stuff that is too thin for my current stripper (which we all know is a high amperage exotic dancer)… To the HackLab!

  3. steve,

    I understand what you’re saying, but what is its relevance? Your last statement only says to me that you are using big words and convoluted syntax to make yourself seem smarter and not a six year old. But I’ll still side with giskard. Knowledge and application are two separate things. You might be smart, but you’re acting like a child with this LED junk.


  4. Splurge and get a battery powered gun and use prestripped wire to make yer life easier. I used to build automation equipment and the gun makes 10 perfect turns of the wire much faster. Course u could hack this wirewrap tool into a cheap cordless drill boom badda bing.

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