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Master modder [Jani ‘Japala’ P?? latest hack is adding an LCD screen into a mouse. The LCD is from a Nokia 6610. It fits pretty well since the controller board isn’t any larger than the screen. The controller requires adding three more wires to the mouse. These are connected to a parallel port. The screen can only show about 1 frame per second, but that is fast enough for general statistics or showing photos. It’s a really clean build. A clever trick was using a piece of plastic from the blister pack to cover the screen since it was already the same shape as the mouse.

[thanks z]

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  1. @Shake-zula, the mike rula

    It’s a bit hard to follow his description of the LCD but here’s what I’ve gleened from it. The screen/ driver pair is a Nokia 6610 which can be obtained here:

    He interfaces with it using a simple bit banging interface (IIRC). I believe he used the LCD software from here:

    Looks like a pretty smooth hack all-around. I dig the clean look… Though I’m not sure what he really plans on using it for… Also as far as I can tell there isn’t a linux version of the software so it looks like us penguins are out in the cold on this one!

  2. #4. Bitbanging is pretty simple and should be easier in a Linux environment (easier to expose the raw hardware).

    I fail to see what good this is in a mouse, but its a good hack and outlines a technique to put an LCD screen in anything.

    Like having an IRC window in the bottom of my coffee mug.

  3. what a load of crap what is the point of having a screen when ur hand is over the screen 90% of the time no doubt mastershake will love this mod right up his street ??????

  4. Steve:
    We are sorry you are not happy with the quality of the recent posts. Since you are unwilling or unable to submit a worthy post we have decided to refund your subscription fees. Your checking account has been credited with the full amount you paid to visit this site, please do not visit again.

  5. As clean as this job is, I see at least one way that it could be a bit nicer…

    If the screen’s controller can be connected through usb (maybe with with the aid of microcontroller, not my expertise but I’m sure somebody will chime in) then you just need to hack apart a little pos usb hub into the case and wire the mouse guts and the lcd controller to individual ports. With this kind of set up you could even provide an auxilliary usb port through your mouse. And yes, I know the usb hub-mouse has been done, but this expands on it ;)

  6. I think this is cool, but…

    If you could somehow position the screen so it was visible even when your hand was on the mouse (I’ve no ideas), and if you could some sort of button/jogdial to interact with the mouse’s screen, then it could be a pretty cool interface.

    Then again, do you want to take your eyes off of the screen to look at your mouse?

  7. Pretty cool, but i can think of better places to put this than a mouse, such as the front of your case to display stats like cpu and memory load. Since your hand is going to cover it most of the time, I really can’t think of a good reason to have it in a mouse, other than bragging rights.

  8. I think it looks sweet. Well done. Any possibility you could link it with WMP or Itunes to show the album art of a song thats playing?

    Another cool idea – have the screen display the icon of the current open program, or the icon for the website you are viewing? Maybe write a program showing different system statuses, such as temps, up time, wifi connection, proccessor throttling, available ram, etc on a group of charts.

    Nevertheless, I am very intrigued by your project, good job.

  9. cool hack, I could see it display info like download status and stuff or emule stats without the need to open the programm or to interupt screensaver (in case you use one)!! or RSS feeds !!! Not the whole page but the info that there is new info or a new mail!! anyway still smooth finish!!

  10. nice hack… and steve, maybe you’re hand is on there 90% of the time… perhaps you need to step away from your computer and allocate more than 2.4 hours of the day to things unrelated to your machine… unless of course those 2.4 hours are spent on the keyboard instead of things like a significant other (man, woman, whatever), sleeping, grooming etc.

    I wonder if that screen would make a good HUD when attached to a carPC… hrmmm…

  11. wow. l33t g4m3r n3rd1n3ss. The ultimate addition to some out-there case mods, sure to score you some street-cred at a lan party.

    I can’t say I’d ever get around to doing this, but I can think of a few other projects where a tiny LCD could come in handy-this project seems to make an excellent tutorial with sources.

    I give it 5 thumbs up

  12. Kinda impractical as mentioned, but I still like it! Sparkfun appears to have this same LCD for $19.95 for those of us who prefer to pay in USD instead of KR. Be sure to pick up the connector for an extra $1. What the author doesn’t seem to mention is exactly how he powered the thing – the electronics require 3.3V, and the LED backlight requires 6-7V. Only 5V is available on parallel/USB, if memory serves. Maybe the mouse itself has a 3.3V regulator and he’s stealing power? Also, I think he could have eliminated the parallel connection entirely! Just slip a tiny FTDI FT245RL USB-to-FIFO bridge chip in there for $4. The chip would appear as an additional USB virtual com port. Use the free drivers for Windows/Linux, switch to big-bang mode, and drive away. It would probably increase the screen update speed (a lot), and would also provide the 3.3V.

  13. The mod itself looks great. But I still don’t see a practical use for it. If your hand is on the mouse while you’re using the PC, how can you utilize the screen? I surely wouldn’t want to lift my hand all of the time to check it out.

    Maybe if the screen were modded into a keyboard, it’d have far more practical use.

    Slick mod though, for sure. Looks great! :)

  14. steve….what can i say!! well you just proved that you are 12! other than that just be cool and think hey maybe i can use this hack to put a lcd in my bathroommirror or in my shoes or whatever use it as an inspiration!! be creativ you know thats part of hacking culture, to do stuff with stuff that wasn

  15. Nifty hack! For those wanting a “practical use” why not use the little screen to indicate download progress of a big file, or current status of a backup job, or time / weather info, or any small bit of info ripped from an RSS feed of your choice… anything you might want to know when walking by the machine, but don’t want to sit down, turn on the monitor, and log in to see. For those who want to use the screen and mouse at same time, why not do a hack and put the screen in the keyboard instead? (whoops poster above me already suggested that hee hee) it might need a bit more creative plastic sculpture, but is there anything that can’t be done with JB Weld and a sharpened screwdriver? I think not :P

  16. @Steve. stfu. do us all a favor. instead of bitching and complaining and calling us all lame, (and making gruesome misspellings of lame btw…), go take your gun, you know, the metal thing with a trigger and a slot for a chunk of metal? load it, stick it in your arse, mouth, or to your temple, and pull the trigger. that will insure a steady flow of proper, led-free hacks for your endless enjoyment. btw, please realise, if everyone else likes this, then the modder must have done something right. so, go get a job, make out with the wife you claim to have, and for god’s sake, post a damn hack or shut up!

  17. Cool shit. Having the screen in a mouse is kind of useless, but if you can put it in a case on one of the 5.25″ drive bay panels to monitor temps or something of the sort would be pretty cool.

  18. As I always say… Steve only exists because we continue believing he does… Myself when I’m skiming a hack I just skip over any post with steve in the by-line because, lets face it, he has never had a single interesting thing to say in the history of hack-a-day.

    Why someone chooses to keep coming back and being irritating and useless is something that I’m sure has to do with a deep emotional insecurity or maybe a small dangly organ. Or something but personally I don’t really care. Just play snip snip and edit him out of your reality and everyone will be happy!

    Oh and sorry for misleading on the software… teaches me to read hack-a-day right before bed.

    Anyway, great hack… what I really love is all the possibilities that screen has… If I could come up with a wireless interface I could see scattering them around my appartment to keep tabs on weather/downloads/system status etc. Pretty sweet!

  19. This is very cool, credits to the creator,

    However, how did you cut the square out of the mouse, i’m capable of opening the mouse but have never done much towards cutting neat squares of plastic, maybe you could add information on how to do this…

    The hack was done well, but there is sometimes a lack of info where tards like me need it

    maybe we should have a protest to get steve banned?

  20. this is trebuchet03

    I wonder if that was really steve’s post? Anyone can type steve into the name box…

    as for banning… naw… don’t see how you could prevent him (unless he’s on a static ip – which might not stop him). but i’m more for keeping open communities, even if that means some crap floats to the top. I think almost everyone can tell the difference between a floating crap and more decent content ;)

    I’ve added this to my wish list to make a HUD to use with a carPC… if its bright enough (even that can be remedied with a luxeon), I think it will come out at least half decent :P

  21. Not sure if someone else sujested this yet, as i didn’t read evry coment.
    why not use the guts of a usb-par port adapter? That, coupled with the guts of a 2 port usb “thumb-hub”, and you have a one cable solution.
    Just my $0.02

  22. @fragged
    one technique i found worked was to use tape to mark out the boundaries and use it as a guide when cutting, something i got an idea for from american chopper ;)

  23. wow this hack serves no purpose whatsoever. you would have to be a numbnut to use this unless the xyz board is not connected to the internal mobo of the mouse, then you could play stuff like doom or hexen on your mouse, or even doom 95. But in the mean time, this hack isnt up to par with the socially excepted norm and the idiosyncracies of the teen world, where one geek will follow the next. who ever made this hack should be disbanded from hack a day.

  24. 12)
    Yes, I can see a use. If the mouse had a button that would divert the mouse pointer from the computer screen to the mouse screen, then you could mouse over the mouse screen.

    How about some games for the mouse screen, like mouse pong…..

    Or have it display the time.
    (Mickey Watch Mouse)

    This would be way cool if you could install it inside a Mac Optical mouse, since their entire case is transparent…

    Future project: GPS mouse
    A mouse that senses it’s position using the Global Positioning System.
    GPMS — Global Positioning Mouse System

  25. yes this a great hack. i found it to be a breath of freash air. and i see lots of potential in this hack other than the lcd in a mouse. maybe a classic cyber punk deck.

  26. Hello. My first comment ever on this site though I have been visiting for a few months. I thought this mod was great! Its not that an extra LCD is inpractical I think. I believe most people don’t like the LCD in the mouse idea. I would love to have a spare LCD. So I have been searching everywhere and would really like to find a way to mount it in the spare 5.25″ bay of my PC. It would be cool to have random info about my rig display or family photos on the HTPC.

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