Hack-A-Day Mini-extra

Eric sent in his aux-in jack for his factory oldsmobile radio. We seen similar stuff before, but the implimentation is clean and simple.

I can’t read Czech, but [Dzinn] sent in some interesting looking lens mods for a Gsmart LCD3 digital camera. The mod is clean and allows SLR type lenses to be used in place of the original (fixed?) lens.

[Dheera] sent in the latest in uses for blue LEDs – a classic building window 6×6 matrix display.

I dug up some more cool tube projects. The Altoobs – a altoid tin based ham transmitter. Too bad the power supply is freakin huge.

I was looking for one of these the other day. This hybrid (solid state + tube) headphone amp is portable, running off of 12V. The site is loaded with headphone amp designs.