Hack-A-Day Mini-extra

Eric sent in his aux-in jack for his factory oldsmobile radio. We seen similar stuff before, but the implimentation is clean and simple.

I can’t read Czech, but [Dzinn] sent in some interesting looking lens mods for a Gsmart LCD3 digital camera. The mod is clean and allows SLR type lenses to be used in place of the original (fixed?) lens.

[Dheera] sent in the latest in uses for blue LEDs – a classic building window 6×6 matrix display.

I dug up some more cool tube projects. The Altoobs – a altoid tin based ham transmitter. Too bad the power supply is freakin huge.

I was looking for one of these the other day. This hybrid (solid state + tube) headphone amp is portable, running off of 12V. The site is loaded with headphone amp designs.

15 thoughts on “Hack-A-Day Mini-extra

  1. i made one of these pocket amps for myself a while back mainly because last time i was on a plane i couldent hear my dvd even with the volume cranked up all the way due to the engines (small plane). Problem is im afrade to bring it on any planes as security might think its a bomb or ignition device or something and take it away or give me a cavity search or someting. anyone ever try it?

  2. @ #4- They actually don’t really care about paintball stuff so long as you check it and the c02 tank is empty. I got a nice little hard shell case with foam inserts. It did come back with a tag saying the tsa had searched it, but nothing was missing.

    I built a headphone amp and have yet to take it on a plane, but with the rate that laptop batteries are frying, I won’t even be able to take my laptop on.

  3. yea iceburn. you have never been hurt by one of them. one time i was cutting some Teflon and snap the blade broke. i kinda just stat there not knowing where the rest of the blade went. started changing blades and working cutting again and drip. the blade was stuck just at my hairline. it was about .5 inches deep in my skin between my skull and my skin.
    yay always wear safety goggles.

  4. i think checking a paintball marker is different cus its not actually on ur person on the plane. Just think if you were a security person and someone tried to a min tin with wires and switches and knobs on it on a plane. What would you think? I doubt trying to explain what it is would get you anywhere. IM afraid to try it because every time I fly by the time I get to the security check I don’t have time for problems. By that point if they wont let me take something on the plane I have no choice but to toss it. :-/

  5. Aux-In jack:
    I did this to my 1999 Jeep Cherokke a while ago, but had some problems. I attached one end of a 1/8″ stero cable inbetween the audio preamp and the casette head preamp. This will introduce noise if you are charging the ipod while its playing. It is fine if the ipod is off battery power. This guy grounded it the car chassis, wereas i used the preamp ground, which may give a different result. Anyone know if grounding it to the car instead of whatever the previous circuit used will resolve my noise issue? mattb [Ã¥t] digitalcriterion.com

  6. I built an aux-in mod for my 1990 Toyota Celica’s OEM radio a few weeks ago. However, instead of a jack, I just ran a patch cable behind the dash and back out by the floor, where the cd player usually sits anyway.

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