Simple Signal Generator

A decent signal generator is handy for tuning electronic projects. [SC] sent in this AVR signal generator. The parts count is really, really low. An ATMega8 is the core, and a shift register runs the LCD. Everything else is is built from simple components. The PCB is double sided, so it’s probably the biggest stumbling block. (But you can probably get away with making jumpers instead of etching both sides.)

[We’ll be heading out to Toorcon later this week, so send if tips early if you got em.]

6 thoughts on “Simple Signal Generator

  1. cool. to simplify it further you can pump pwm into an RC filter, this works quite nicely i’ve found (max frequency is lower though). come to think of it the tiny26’s 60mhz pll timer might allow faster pwm than can be generated with a parallel dac configuration. could end up with fewer components and higher frequency?

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