Onward To Toorcon

I’m waiting for my ride on the first leg of my trip to Toorcon. I’ll be there along with Eliot and Fabienne. Dan Kaminsky will be there presenting, so we’ll be having a major HAD get together. My local (tiny) airport actualy has wireless, tables and power readily available. Security will love me – I’ve got my usual tools (soldering iron, wire strippers, meter, etc) in my checked bag. (This is amusing – the security guy is doing laps through the metal detector to dial it in.)

[UPDATE: Eliot] Toorcon is my favorite conference. Have a look at some of the neat stuff we saw last year.

12 thoughts on “Onward To Toorcon

  1. Uhm, mike n, did you even read what you’re responding to? At all? He -did- check that stuff. Your comments make absolutely no sense at all. I had to read them three times just to figure out WTF you were trying to say.

    Next time, know what you’re talking about. Prick.

  2. Jeff – my assumption was that he mis spoke and meant that that stuff was all in his carry on. Otherwise, I don’t see why he would have even noticed somebody running it through a metal detector because, at least in all the airports I’ve ever flown through (alot) – you just hand your checked bag to them and walk off. It’s only your carry on luggage that you see them pass through the metal detector. I carry all my electronics gear with me (including all the types of items he mentioned) in my checked luggage – and there’s never been a problem.

  3. Mike N, can you read? And if so can you comprehend what it is you are reading? Both skills are needed. What he said was

    “(This is amusing – the security guy is doing laps through the metal detector to dial it in.)”

    which mean, the actual security guy is going through the metal detector, no one else. Not only this but by using the term laps, which is actually slang because you couldn’t literally do laps in a metal detector, means that he is going through it repetedly. Oh and just in case you are wondering, what he meant by “dial it in” is make sure it is working correctly. Hope that helps…….. you prick.

  4. Mike n,
    There are many airports where you now have to “check” you bags at the airline counter then carry them yourself to a TSA agent who runs them through a checked baggage metal detector and perhaps a physical search (San Francisco and Las Vegas have areas like this if I remember correctly). In these airports, this equipment is often right out in the open where you can watch them scan the luggage.

    All bags are now x-rayed, checked or not.

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