Wireless Reef Automation

I’m on a 1-wire/home automation kick lately. It looks like he’s giving up on the router platform, but [barebottoms] did some interesting work with a couple of wireless routers (a belkin that he fried, and then onto a wrt54g) to create automated controls for his reef. Think of it as home automation for the fishes. It’s an interesting idea – a hacked wireless router could make a fairly robust and power efficient controller for simple HA applications. His site isn’t really that informative, I found the forum posts more interesting.

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  1. YAY first post
    and this is an intresting hack i also have a few roughters laying arround and at my shot i have one of thoes 7 antenna things (if any one knows hacks for the WPN824 range max from linksys email me at alexsprojects@gmail.com or post in comments PLEASE ILL PAINT UR FUCKING NAME ON IT IF I HALF TO)

  2. According to OpenWRT Table Of Hardware (and serial dump on http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,14001273), the WPN824 has an AR2313 processor, just as the d-link DWL-2100AP (http://wiki.openwrt.org/OpenWrtDocs/Hardware/D-Link/DWL-2100AP).

    I’ve seen a person who installed openwrt on the dwl-2100ap with the same bootloader (http://www.ilpuntotecnicoeadsl.com/forum/index.php/topic,3034.msg38962.html#msg38962 – in Italian) and made it boot and work.

  3. Actually the website you linked to is mine [aka_bigred in those reefcentral threads] and I’ve since lost touch with barebottoms. I’ve got the aquarium controller running on a PC instead of the Linksys router. I haven’t really been updating the website, but I have my controller monitoring water temp and soon the pH in addition to controlling lights/pumps/ect via x10. I’ve got perl scripts running to log the 1-wire data into a mySQL database. 1-wire is pretty sweet and versatile! I moved from router to the PC platform for more flexibility and because I can’t compile stuff for the Linksys platform. The PC gave me more freedom but theoretically it could all run on the linksys.

  4. @Will O’Brien
    You might want to fix up the title of the post – “Wireles” instead of “Wireless”

    Anyway, cool hack! I could really see myself using a device / hack like this to power a small wireless robot / HVAC system / whatever…

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