Copper Multi-tool

I definitely dig this one. (McGuyver was my favorite show as a kid, and it definitely reminds me of that show.) In order to perform on demand unlocking of doors without bump keys or lock picking, [Dean] keeps a roll of copper wire, augmented with a 1/4 inch bolt. It’s handy for yanking on doors or mounting a camera. Most doors are designed to keep users in, not out…

Update: Here’s a new link.

17 thoughts on “Copper Multi-tool

  1. My student-apartment complex is too old for the door handle type required for this to work. I wanted to figure out how to do a similar task with a big slippery conventional doorknob (my last-year’s door had a nasty habit of slamming shut via wind and jarring the lock to locked position).

    Never found a way.

    Instead (I’m lazy) I created a duct-tape “tail” (a few feet long) for the door handle, with the origin somewhere around the 2-o’clock position of the doorknob (on the inside of my door). That way, I could fish for the tail with any handy implement long and narrow enough to reach a few inches under the door, pull it out, yank (which got translated into turning the knob) and CLICK the door’s open.


  2. Very similar to something I McGuyver’d in college. I had a buddy who always locked himself out of his room (for some reason we had the only dorm that didn’t use deadbolts, just locks on the door). Ended up bending a clothes hanger with a loop in the end to hook the door. It also ended up being good for moving people from their beds to the hallway (or quad if we felt really mean) after they were passed out coming home from the bars.

    Cool post though, seems like a much more effective/easy to use design than what I came up with.

  3. I love stuff like this!’
    Bummer about the link.

    I have been called mcguyver close to a million times but have never once seen an episode of the show.

    too busy escaping from stuff i guess. ;)

  4. note to other hackers posting here : please dont use the so called free web sites because they have a bandwidth limit.

    try using a site like photobucket or tinypic to host the images.

  5. A friend of mine made one of these; now there are 3 that I know of floating around my dorm. The good thing is that they are easy to protect from, just hot-glue a piece of wood to the back of the door.

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