10 thoughts on “PySight Post Halloween Entertainment

  1. that is so simple yet so cool also the use of the macbooks camera is nice thinking i cant afford a projectors so i gota try something like this next year but hell if he could afford a macbook he could afford a projector (im not a mac fan)

  2. alex mccown,

    If this gets accepted for presentation at PyCon I’m going to make a Linux port that should work with any old web cam. As for the projector, they’ve got $400 projectors at Costco.com now, I’m guessing that by Halloween next year they’ll have $250 projectors if you look hard enough.

  3. thank you,
    thats really cheep last time i checked they were $700-$1200 actuly i gota get some food so ill buy one of them while im there. i used to work with robo vision software awhile back baced on the sentry airsoft gun http://www.hackaday.com/2005/09/21/robotic-sentry-gun/ than i went to coilguns than i went to railguns teslacoils than i went to cnc mills and who knows whats next

    im on my iphone (because my sidekick broke :-P ) so sorry about the spelling it dosent correct my spelling like firefox or my sidekick did

  4. alex,

    The projectors were online only for $399. I believe that they are back ordered now. But you can get the same projector other places for $499 with a $100 rebate.

    The exact model is the ViewSonic PJ503D.

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