Friday Night Pyro Extra

Well, not quite so much a pyro, but this setup rocks for cooking some good steaks.

[Tony] sent in this mp3 doorbell hack. I’m thinking… Star Wars theme song.

[Joey] let me know about this odd hack that adds guitar foot pedals to every button on a gameboy. (It makes sense if you remember that they’re popular for 8-bit sound production)
[Chris] sent in his wooden robot arm. It’s a simple servo based design, but it might be a good place to start if you’re leaning in that direction.

This already got plenty of attention, but [Billy] took his iPod apart and encased it in a block of resin. It’s still works, via a dock cable.

[D.G.] sent in this cheap ring-light tutorial. It’s based on a cheap LED light that’s got a set of ring mounted LEDs from the factory.

[Eliot] noted this interesting take on finding slingboxes using geographical IP addresses to set up your target search.

Finally, if you enjoyed [Eliot]’s visit to [Mr. Jalopy]’s garage, you might want to check out the video version on BoingBoingTV.

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Pyro Extra

  1. I like the idea of replacing the doorbell button with a fingerprint scanner. Then you can have it announce who is at your door. If it’s a stranger, it could say that an “unknown person” is there.

  2. what is the point of the gameboy foot-pedal hack? on the website it said ‘so he could play guitar while playing the gameboy with his foot’ is playing link’s awakening so important you can’t put down your guitar for 5 minutes?

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