DIY Rotomolding

Rotomolding is used to create hollow forms by slowing rotating a mold while the material covers and hardens to the shape of the mold. [ds] built this version using a stepper motor to drive the assembly and a belt drive link An extreme version is used to form whitewater kayaks and other plastics. This thread over at cnczone has a rotisserie oven version that looks ideal for small plastic or wax molding.

2 thoughts on “DIY Rotomolding

  1. there was a history channel documentary about chocolates or something, they use the same technique to make hollow chocolate rabbits and stuff,

    A clean and neat presentation, awesome work!

    im kinda surprised 4rpm works well, i expected it to be much faster to distribute resins

  2. Given that they’re working with a fairly “thick” resin and its not heat activated, this probably works well because the low speed allows the resin to slide around and coat instead of be tossed around and build up air bubbles.

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