Vexplorer Computer Control

[kernsy] sent in this nice little PICAXE based hack to provide computer control of a VExpolorer kit robot. The PICAXE takes serial commands and outputs the pulse commands normally generated by the controls directly to the RF chipset in the remote.

6 thoughts on “Vexplorer Computer Control

  1. I did something somewhat similar to casey’s project. I had an old dos machine with qbasic and chopped up a parallel cable and hooked it into the radio for a cheapy r/c car with some 2n2222 transistors. Then I could write a program to drive the car automatically.

  2. I did something somewhat fairly similar to casey’s project. I had an old paper clip with ridges, and a few rubber bands, and attached them to a straw. I then used this to program my old clock radio to run linux. After modifying the radio drivers to transmit, instead of receive, I had my jeep cherokee picking up milk and eggs for me at the local market in no time.

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