Make Your Own Roll Up Keyboard

[Auger] sent in this nice little hack. The instructable says to get a USB keyboard (it looks like a Dell USB keyboard to me), gut it and label the flexible membranes inside after you join them together. If you’ve got a supply of this style of keyboard, it could be a cheap source… or better yet, maybe you can use the guts to produce high quality custom keybads.

13 thoughts on “Make Your Own Roll Up Keyboard

  1. That’s pretty old thing, you can make it from almost every keyboard you can buy these days. I’ve made it too long time ago, but it wasn’t possible to use it. It’s pretty pain when you are knocking with fingers to your desk.

  2. This isnt anything new, but its still cool. I did this back around 5 years ago- but i pulled the substrates apart, used a continuity tester to map the pin combinations for the keyboard controller, and wired the controller up to a calculator (with detatched traces). I ended up with a full keyboard including the numpad in a tiny package. I used it for my car computer until the screen died in a sad accident

  3. I actually did this with a couple ps/2 keyboards i had, but mistreated them(read: threw in backpack for school everyday with books, etc) and they eventually cracked and broke….still fun to do and a conversation starter for sure!

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