Should You Get A Seedbox For Your Bittorrent Needs?

Torrentfreak offers up a few reasons why you should get a seedbox if you’re a bittorrent user who likes to share a lot of files. A seedbox is a dedicated private server used exclusively for torrent transfers. [sharky] discusses a few pros and makes a few claims that we think might be a little overblown. Although the seedbox will speed up your downloads and allow you to bypass ISP limits on your bandwith, we’re a little leery of the claims that the seedbox is completely safe and secure, or that it’ll protect you from getting sued by the RIAA or MPAA. As pointed out in the comments, paying for a dedicated hosting service and paying for cable is no different. Of course, the seedbox also costs money, so you’ll have to weigh whether you’d rather have speed or risk getting throttled by your ISP. Torrentfreak does list a few hosting solutions that may be reasonably priced.

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20 thoughts on “Should You Get A Seedbox For Your Bittorrent Needs?

  1. I’d love a seedbox just for the central management and reporting features and the ability to queue up downloads and be able to power off workstations.

    Unfortunately TorrentFlux (at least the WAMP release) is really buggy and doesn’t work with a lot of torrents I tried on it and it lacks a lot a great features like the ability to select individual items to download in the torrent file.

  2. They didn’t mention the savings on power!

    A 24/7 server consuming 100W running in your house at 10p per unit (yup in the UK) for electricity, will cost about £7.50 a month. A seed box for $20USD a month is not costing you much more.

    Plus you could probably save from the reduced requirements of your internet connection.

  3. @thunderstruck: Try TorrentFlux-b4rt. It has the ability to use several different torrent backends (I use Azureus on mine). I haven’t noticed many bugs and the ones I have noticed I was able to fix with the maintenance pane. It works great but does have a few shortcomings such as scheduling.

  4. its a great idea, i have had torrentflux on my nix machine working quite well actualy,till i stoped torrenting but the real problem becomes….”security”, either way, whether its at home or a paid host, you still leave trails for the mpaa and riaa or any other organization that might take an interest in what your doing, both electronic and papper. you just have to determine what your level of comfort is in this.

    unfortunantly, regardless of where you are unless your host or your paid box is out of juristictional reach, your probability of being caught doubles if not tripples when you seed.

  5. Sniff… sniff… smells like spam.

    I run a couple of servers on a 40mbit unfiltered, well-peered connection, each of which I cap at 10 megabits. Guess what: I virtually NEVER even reach 10 megabits. There just aren’t often enough seeders to dish out that much to one person.

    And it doesn’t do you much good when your seeding ratio is above 1.0 right from the start… when it still takes you two days to download something.

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  7. hi folks i tried and still got nothing 1 week later and no reply to questions. Just seems that most seed boxes are scams friend tried torrentswift and same thing month later no seedbox. So not convinced with statments above.

    seems like one big scam with most of them

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