Hack A Day T-shirt Design Contest Update

We announced the Hack a Day t-shirt design contest last week and entries have been rolling in. Check out the updated contest post for logo images and the font. Here are couple of the entries we’ve received:

[by John]

[by evolve]

I think [Joel]’s entry was in case we were handing out the prize at random.

Keep those entries coming and let your friends know about the contest too!

27 thoughts on “Hack A Day T-shirt Design Contest Update

  1. [evolve’s] design is great, but not so much as a *t-shirt* design. Although a t-shirt with that design would probably be ok, the real issue is that it isn’t very recognizable from a distance. The Hack A Day t-shirt is supposed to promote Hack A Day, right? People need to be able to see and recognize the logo and be able to read the text. It is a great design, though.

  2. I like [evolve]’s design, but I gotta agree with [ie] that it isn’t recognizable from a ways off, and with such fine lines, the design would wear off in no time. I prefer [john]’s design for that reason, although I would have placed it centered, with circuitry running off the edge.

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