Table For Electronic Dreams


The table for electronic dreams is an interactive table that is sensitive to electric activity.  Though it looks similar to the table built by EMSL, this one lights up based on electromagnetic fields. You can get the schematics and such from the instructable, but there is also a video located at the bottom of the project’s home page. It would be really cool if the effect could be localized more.

7 thoughts on “Table For Electronic Dreams

  1. OMW totally need more info, I have been wanting to build one of these for a long time! Since I saw the Evil Mad Scientist one two years ago, this one Table For Electronic Dreams is super cool.. A local department store was going out of business and I got a dozen large round glass disks about 40inch in diameter… I just though of using photo cells and leds, when one photo cell is covered it lights up two lights when two are covered it lights up one for each photo cell and one for both and so on,, like a triangle cover three photo cells and six lights light up and so on,
    P= photo cell L= Led
    L L
    L L L
    L L L L
    P P P

    my way was simle and caveman-ish

    their way = Better lol

  2. Hmm. it would be nicer as a simple localized glow, using a micro controller and a multidimensional array to determine the amount of glow over distance. would be easier to tweak to do different things too. any word on how much this cost them to build?

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