40 Years Of NERF

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In 1968 a guy by the name of [Rey Guyer] came up with an idea for a game. It involved foam balls as game pieces. After failing to sell the game to Milton Bradley, he approached Parker Brothers. They bought his idea but ended up tossing the game itself and just marketing the foam ball. Named after the padding used on rollbars in offroad vehicles, Nerf balls were an instant success, 40 years ago, in 1969. Many of us have fond memories of Nerf, even before everything they produced was a weapon. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate the Nerf weapons. We certainly have seen some hackers do some fun stuff with them.

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12 thoughts on “40 Years Of NERF

  1. Huh, 40 years of nerf? 40 years since moon landing… coincidence? maybe…

    [Also, they nerf’ed my space program ;_; )

    Second, was the guys name rey_N_? I didn’t check the article, but the sig in the picture suggests “reyn”?

    For some reason this entry hasn’t brought out any hate in others, or myself. peculiar.


  2. I remember as a kid taking actual throwing-dart needles and implanting them in the Nerf Bow and Arrow. http://weaklistener.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/nerf-bow-arrow.png

    This thing instantly became a formidable weapon with a simple mod. Although I dreamed of a world where I could hunt down bad guys with my modified Nerf B&A, all I really did with it was shoot it into old dry-wall and on a couple attempts at some low bearing birds and squirrels. OH HOW WE LOVEZ YOU NERF!

  3. I should have explained the way this was accomplished. ^_^ I would take the needle tip of the throwing dart and unscrew it from the flights. I would then make a small hole in the tip of the nerf arrow and with some force wedge the ass end of the throwing dart needle into the hole. I then took some gorilla glue and cemented it in there. It worked great and believe it or not the needle really did stay put. (I know I’m over indulging, so what!) Brings back so many memories. 17 years ago nerf was definitely one of my favorite toys.

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