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Often, hardware designers include nonfunctional additions into designs to make them feel more personal. Commonly known as easter eggs, these additions can often go unnoticed by the public for years. While taking apart an Atari San Francisco Rush: The Rock sound board, reader [Jason] noticed a hidden message on the PCB (see above). Other more recent hardware easter eggs include the inside of the Zune HD, which has the inscription “For our Princess” to commemorate a development team member who passed away, or the Amiga 1000 which features the signatures of the design team on the inside if the case (Pictures after the break).

What we want from you: We want to see the best HARDWARE easter eggs you have found or seen. Leave us a comment with a video, picture, or article that explains what you found, and possibly the background story behind it. Anyone can google easter eggs, and we all know about the easter eggs all over DVDs, video games, etc, but we prefer the kind you find when you are busy voiding your hardwares warranty.

Edit: good catch, that was the Amiga 1000 not an Atari 1000. Thanks to all the commentors.


Atari 1000 case [via OldComputers]


Zune HD internals [via iFixit]

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  1. The naval RADAR, AN/SPS-49, would play “Anchors Aweigh” when given the right command sequence. Since the radar system did not have any speakers in the traditional sensor the song would be played by the hums and the clicks of the electronics of the air-search RADAR system.

  2. I recall fondly on my old TRS-80 Model 3 that if you ran DEBUG and loaded DEBUG into itself and scrolled all the way to the bottom you discovered the message “Hello you rummy buzzard”!

  3. My company works on now-defunct temp controllers. The company that made them went belly-up after the owner died. We bought their stuff, but the software to make the PROM used in the controller was missing. We decided to just copy directly from the PROM and everything appeared fine. After putting it in, it would act fine until about an hour later when it would shut itself off (usually an overtemp safety procedure). When powering it back on, it would scroll COUntErfEIt across the display. With him being dead, we ended up having to rewrite the firmware.

  4. my first work PC was a Dell System 200 (80286 processor).
    The first thing I spotted when I opened it up to take a look inside was the phrase “SPEED IS THE EDGE” silkscreened where the 80287 maths co-processor was supposed to go – I thought that was cool, and I still do.

  5. Along the same (assembly) lines as javier’s comment.

    My dad told the story of a car that had an annoying rattle in it. After many trips to the dealer, a Coke bottle was found inside the box frame. In it was a note. “How long did it take you to find this?”

    Urban Legend?

  6. The VHT Deliverance guitar amp has these silkscreened on it:

    “Power Tube Sockets – proudly and confidently PCB mounted since 1989”

    “Please note: All internet gurus, eyeletboard snobs, point to point apologists, teflon wire curmudgeons and ceramic tube socket know-nothings are cordially and sincerely invited to kiss my lily white ass. SMF November 2004”


  7. I was once taking apart a “alpha smart”
    on the pcb it said something like All get up and shout the alpha smart is out! Dont quote me on that but i remember it said something noteworthy
    If anyone has one they should take it apart and post pix

  8. I don’t get some of these e-eggs, it looks like some of them actually require extra manufacturing processes to add on for no obvious profitable reason. I understand the IC e-eggs, as they don’t require extra costs to add, but some of the other stuff does. Also the coke bottle in the car is an urban legend, it’s been around for a long time, in another version of the story, it’s a nut.

  9. I found an easter egg on the inside of a Rockford Fosgate bass knob a couple years back. If you open the bass knob case to do a flush mount install, which many people and installers do, there is a printing of Johnny Chimpo from the Supertroopers Movie holding a wrench that says “TONY D.”. It is reffering to Anthony Diamora (Spelling?), there head engineer and designer of such 12V wonders as the Rockford Fosgate T15KW.

  10. The last cellphone I reworked had the initials of the inspector on the inside in big letters, it was weird because I have the same initials and I usually sign the inside of things when I’m done with them… If u happen to buy a used fleet car (one that was from a rental agency) you’ll be surprised at what you might find, I used to draw a good ol cock and balls underneath whatever panel I would work on (as long as the agency couldn’t see it)

  11. I was watching a movie on my zune hd the other day and i noticed that on the side of mine it says hello from seattle. It is located on the bottom of the left side of the zune hd check it out :)

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