CES: PS3 Gun Controller

Yesterday we spotted a PS3 gun controller at the CTA Gaming Accessories booth. We have covered home made solutions like this before, like the WeeP5 zapper, and it is great to see alternative controllers spreading to other consoles. Now all we need is some force feedback, and we’ll really be able to feel in the game. As always, Hi-Res is available.

[Caleb]-I think the home made ones had better button layouts. See the thumb stick on the back of the pistol grip? They did that so it will work  for right and left handed people instead of making it on one side.

6 thoughts on “CES: PS3 Gun Controller

  1. That’s awesome and all, but…


    And anyone who responds with “Sparta” will have sporks driven down their eye sockets.

  2. @The Engy- Whenever i shoot my dad’s real AR-15(i know this isn’t an AR) i usually hold it by the magwell because he has no fore grip on his gun, unlike my brother’s custom one we did with the aluminum rail handguard(my dad likes his original, just like when he was in the military). all that to say i think holding it there makes the gun more maneuverable and controllable. :D

  3. 1) There is nothing wrong with holding the mag or magwell infact is is becomeing the most common way of holding ann of the M-16 family.

    2) It looks alright but I have a few things I would like to know before I rush out and get one
    *The joystick dose it get in the way of getting a
    good firm grip.
    *are there any chips or anythign in the scope it
    looks like it would get in the way I think I
    would cut it off unless its liek the silent
    scope arcade game (probabpy not)

  4. Hopefully with the ps3 camera tracking coming out soon they’re be more of these types of gun games. It would be pretty cool to add interactive movement kind of like the movie “Gamer”.

    Oh and whoever says to use the m16 mag as a handle grip is silly at best. It will cause it to jam or drop out as well loose some accuracy as it moves around a bit from recoil. Even when inserted with a good tap and rack I’ve had them come out on me. The foregrip / heatshield works just fine, although a nice rubberized handle works even better.

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