CES: Meet The Mini Hexapodinno

While we were browsing around the show floor, we saw a pretty cool little robot called the Mini Hexapodinno. As the name suggests, it’s a hexapod robot that utilizes sonar and can be programmed using BASIC. Although its not as cool as some of the other robots that we’ve seen, we still have a special place in our hearts for hexapods.

CES: Keepon Keeps On

We could not walk past KeepOn without checking it out. Not only did we get to check it out, we got to control it. [Caleb] picked up a wiimote and started tapping out a beat and KeepOn started dancing. It was as adorable in person as it is in the videos. We think it is horribly overpriced as is though, so we still enjoy the home made one.

We think the reason that KeepOn is so emotive is possibly because they have avoided the uncanny valley by a long distance. Video after the break.

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