Timelapse Photos For All!

Find yourself wanting to do some timelapse but lacking the equipment? Why not build your own time lapse rig as seen in instructables how to by [Constructer].  To accomplish this, all you will need is a little wood, screws, a motor, and some batteries.  The how-to says you can add extra voltage to speed up the rate of taking photos, or conversely reduce voltage to slow it down.  We especially like the simplicity of this mechanical approach. No timers, no programming, only a motor.  One downfall of this simplistic approach, however is that your “gap” between pictures will increase as your battery dies.


7 thoughts on “Timelapse Photos For All!

  1. RE the dying batteries, since most time lapse photos are planned and take place in a location of the photographer’s choosing, simply picking a wall-wart of the appropriate voltage would solve that issue.

  2. Meh… I rigged an intervalometer using a launchpad and a couple of relays. Would have been more enterprising to write something about it except it was for the lunar eclipse that nobody saw. :-(

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