Build A Rig To Make Orbs In Your Light Paintings

We’ve covered plenty of light painting projects here. People are always finding new ways to create interesting things in this fairly new medium. This project covers a method of creating orbs or spheres in your light paintings. The author points out that many people do this currently by putting the light source at the end of a string, swinging it in front of them like a propeller, and turning slowly in a circle. He wanted to automate the process a bit, so he combined his motorized telescope tripod, a power drill, a strip of RGB LEDs, and a few scraps of wood. He now has an automated system to make perfect orbs. Some of the examples he shows are quite stunning.

10 thoughts on “Build A Rig To Make Orbs In Your Light Paintings

  1. Reminds me of the results of one of my favorite LogoWriter tricks from elementary school. I forget the syntax in logo, but it was essentially

    Forward 1
    Right Turn 1
    Random Color

    It made these fun multicolored slinkies. I miss logowr.

  2. This gives me an idea of mounting a rainbow led block on with computer controlled xy motion. Dragon made of light vs Me with armor, shield and sword of traced from light.

  3. Umm… yeah. As my handle may imply, I am all for this. Those I do wish my skills was up to par to go stringing like this (or even liquid) by hand to look just like this. Time to go trippin’. :D

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