A Color Maximite For Glorious 3-bit BASIC

[Kilian] sent in a link to a color version of a tiny educational computer. It’s called the Quantumite and it’s designed to be a throwback to the early 80s microcomputers we all grew up on.

The Quantumite is a clone of the Maximite, the tiny single board computer / BASIC interpreter designed by [Geoff Graham]. Both the Quantumite and Maximite are meant to be a throwback to the amazingly simple microcomputers of the early 80s, giving the 8-year-olds of today the simplicity of a BASIC compter most Hackaday readers had back in 1980s.

Both the Maximite and Quantumite are powered by the same 32-bit PIC microcontroller and have connections for a composite or VGA monitor, SD card, and PS/2 keyboard. Unlike the Maximite, the Quantumite can display 8 colors on its screen; a great addition that somehow seems even more retro than a monochrome display.

As far as getting the younglings to learn programming, we couldn’t think of a better tool than the ‘boot straight into a programming language’ Maximite. With a retro-impressive 3 bits of color, it’s sure to be a hit with the schoolchildren this computer is targeted at.

4 thoughts on “A Color Maximite For Glorious 3-bit BASIC

  1. Would be fun to find some old 1980’s busted computer and replace the circuit-board filled with TTL with one of these.

    The Maximite is an under-appreciated dev board IMHO. Lots of built-in functions and IO capability, built-in editor, built-in video and sound, built-in filesystem and mass storage. And from places like circuitgizmos, cheap too.

  2. i have just bought a maximite 2 for what i got for i am not inpressed i wonted to load on a sd card all the old software that i used back in the 80’s it does not wont to know i have had some basic stuff work and i have watched a youtube video with it working and it looks good, i know how to load program files onto a sd card and they list on the maximite 2 and that is all it will do if the have one and it sounds like you do have a go at what i am trying to do and can you please email me with your findings please thank you.

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