2013 Open Hardware Summit Badge Includes EPaper Display

Take a look at this sexy piece for open hardware. It’s what you’ll be wearing around your neck at the Open Hardware Summit this year. WyoLum teamed up with Repaper for the display and Seeed Studios for the boards.

It’s called the BADGEr and it’s both an Arduino and and Arduino shield. There are several different power options; coin-cell, microUSB, unpopulated barrel jack, or the lanyard terminals if you want to wear the power supply around your neck. You can see the five momentary push buttons see above, but on the back you’ll find the microSD card slot along with a power switch for preserving the coin cell.

Check out the video below for a quick look. In addition to acting as your credentials the conference schedule comes preloaded. And of course, this is an Open Source design so you can dig through schematic, board artwork, and code at the page linked above. Oh, and the first hack has already been pulled off. Here’s the badge reading Crime and Punishment.

Speaking of conference badges, DEF CON starts this week. Hackaday writer [Eric Evenchick] will be there and we hope he has a chance to look in on some of the badge hacking at the event.

23 thoughts on “2013 Open Hardware Summit Badge Includes EPaper Display

    1. Eink isn’t LCD! They (I think Sharp) recently launched bistable LCDs that can hold a picture without needing power, just like Eink does. But they’re still different technologies, different in nature.

      The links you mention are for Eink modules, not LCD.

      1. That’s not that much (unfortunately, because i just wanted to start a rant about overürived tickets and handing out stuff that is useless for 95% of visitors)
        nevermind then :)

  1. Great badge! I noticed in the video it also shows your QR code, but that means you need your phone to share these details. It would have been nice if they had added the option to wirelessly (e.g. through BLE or NFC) share your contact details (+ picture) directly onto the other badges, so at the end of the conference, your badge will contain all the people you met.

    1. Great idea James. In fact before we had the EPD at all, that is the direction we were heading. As it turned out we were already so far above the original budget, that we had to strip out everything possible. The QR code allowed us to keep some semblance of the original idea.

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