Phase One Of A Robot Coffee Maker

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A coffee machine that brews a fresh pot of joe,  automatically putting coffee in a filter, filling the coffee maker with water, brewing, dumping the grounds, and adding sugar and cream, all without any human interaction. Some may call it the fevered dream of a madman. Others may call it a vending machine. All we know is [Phil] is working on his own version of this robot par excellence.

This is only phase one of a robotic coffee machine build, but so far [Phil] has a single cup coffee maker that can fill itself with water and dump its grounds automatically.

The electronics are based on a PIC18F4550 that controls two mechanical relays that control the solenoids, one solid state relay that controls power to the coffee maker, and two stepper motor drivers that open the lid of the coffee maker and dump the filter into the wash bin.

It’s an awesome build and we look forward to the next stage of this awesome, truly homebrew build.


13 thoughts on “Phase One Of A Robot Coffee Maker

    1. The coffee business is weird. People keep trying to reinvent the wheel again and again. Just like this guy is trying to come up with a crude version of an automatic machine (which have been around for ages and are very perfected), keurig/tassimo/nespresso/verismo and others are just offering what which we’ve already had all along essentially: easy servind espresso pods (ESE pods), but now people are all over them!

      That being said, I have a nice Saeco machine, a keurig, a tassimo and a classic drip coffee maker and a french press…

  1. Honestly someone needs to basically make a automated K-cup machine that is basically a vending machine with easy to get resources. the K-cups should be easy to automate choices and feed, close, run, eject and send to waste bin. make it into a semi floor standing model that uses a large water cooler bottle, and Voila… Semi drinkable coffee machine robot.

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