Easy Multi-Touch Table

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[2bigbros] put up an Instructable on his multi-touch table build. It’s a nice setup, using the typical frustrated total internal reflection method for touch sensing. Tinkerman’s Method was used for the screen itself, which involves rolling silicon onto vellum with a paint roller to improve the bond. [2bigbros] then built a nice aluminum and wooden frame for the whole thing. He’s light on some details, but most people with a basic understanding and Google will be able to figure it out.

This is a very accessible project for most builders. If you’re interested in getting into it, there are plenty of projects to reference. We previously covered the basics, as well as a more involved build. We’ve even seen an interactive tower defense game using multi-touch. If you decide to build one of your own, don’t forget the excellent resource at TUIO for finding frameworks and example implementations.

[via Instructables]

6 thoughts on “Easy Multi-Touch Table

    1. Exactly, and how big do I go with it? Something the size of a desk or coffee table seems like the size to go with to get beyond what a 10″ tablet will satisfy. I think he should have gone bigger but may have been limited by budget or where he was going to put it.

      1. The other issue that I’ve been running into with trying to figure out what I want to do (in terms of size) is the massive increase in projector cost for short throw, and the increased distance from projector to table top that is required for a larger surface. Unless you can manage multiple refraction with a projector with super short throw, it would have to increase in height as well.

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