Developed On Hackaday: Vote For Your Favorite Card Art

A few weeks ago we asked our dear readers if they were interested in coming up with some card art for the Mooltipass project. We received more than a dozen of them and a few days ago the HaD project Mooltipass followers/Mooltipas Google group recipients voted for their favorite ones.

Today we’ll present you the three popular ones and ask you to pick your favorite, so please follow us after the break…

[Bjorn]'s design

[Bjorn] is a very active and pragmatic Google group participant, so this is the design he sent us. Given that exactly 1.2cm of the card is sticking out of the Mooltipass case, you’d only be seeing the “Mooltipass key card” text once the smart card is inserted.

Luke Brown's design[Luke] is someone that does things. The design shown above was quite popular in our previous poll.

[Robert]'s designOur German contributor [Robert] sent us a more sober black and white design which does look quite nice in our opinion.


So what do you guys think? You may vote for your favorite design and/or submit your comments below.


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33 thoughts on “Developed On Hackaday: Vote For Your Favorite Card Art

  1. I vote for roberts design, based on my experience with card printers, i think it’ll turn out the nicest when printed in small quantities, since it can be done completely with black resin.

  2. Is it on purpose the order is different between the post and the votebox? I almost clicked the last one (because i wanted to vote for the last one in the post) and realised the name was wrong…

    (as i write this i realise the votebox is probably in alfabetical order, which the post is not)

    1. or it seems to be some random order in the box, and i just happened to get it alphabetial on my first visit, after i posted they got re-ordered.

      i wll stfu now, made enough of a fool of myself :)

  3. I would love Bjorn’s original design (See but out of the above 3, I vote Robert’s design. It seems easier to print and looks understated so a thief might not think its anything important, although it would be nice to have something like the Mooltipass logo on the top edge instead of the words in tiny lettering under the Hack a Day logo. (Honorable mention to Taylor Shields for his ultra-minimalist design)

  4. I like the “passwords cannot be recovered” on Bjorn’s one, and the little bit where the logo sticks out at the top. Those are it’s main features IMO, you could lose the background and just keep the black and white and it’d still be as good.

    The password-loss reminder is particularly good, because people are used to a world where they can mess up as badly as they want, then just call tech support. This is both a warning against that, and also lets you know you’re dealing with proper security stuff designed by people who know what they’re doing.

    Which I hope it is!

    1. Something functional eh?

      I assume the card is mostly empty so how about a removable cut out of a lock pick. I think that would be perfect for a “universal key” card.

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