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      1. It isn’t private space. Nor does it host Frame-it. The IP is part of amazon aws hosting, western us cluster 2 specifically.

        Essentially it is normal rentable cloudstuff. Today it is part of the mystery, next week it could be load balancing layaway services for walmart or being a twenty slot cs:go server.

    1. you know the macs are the goto sources for all things artsy fartsy right??
      better colour palette and whatnot. i’m a pc guy myself through and through, but you do best when you use the correct tools for the job, and when it comes to drawing and animation, macs win. sorry.

        1. LOL i was thinking the exact same thing. But then again if jobs was still around I’m sure he could convince plenty of macheads that they did find extra colors that the PC just can not access :P

          1. he could convince those suckers that macs were cheaper than PCs and that by buying a platform with lock-ins all around, proprietary connectors, and now an app store for the desktop, that they would be throwing a hammer on big brother or something.

            either he was a genius, or mac fans set the bar really, really low.

      1. Not a better palette, but arguably a more correct color profile out of the box, especially when paired with an Apple display. At least, that’s what I’ve always heard; I’m not an artist but I have artistic friends with Macs.

        One thing that does make Macs somewhat hacker friendly is the fact that underneath the shiny GUI it’s BSD and all the awesomeness that comes with that platform. Maybe not so much for hardware hackers, as even USB is slowly being phased out by Apple, but for coders it’s a good platform, or so I’ve heard.

    2. It’s due to retarded comments like this that I actually hope that HaD is shutting down… If you can’t respect other peoples choice of tools that they use, then you are a pretty shallow person.

      1. You don’t respect him for the choice of tools (words) he used therefore you must be shallow?

        Non sequitur with a hypocrite kicker!
        Shake well.
        Use group punishment as a creamy topping.
        Garnish with a healthy cut of totalitarian zest,
        Pour over the comments section.

        1. I’d say the chances of such a individual being a complete shallow nob are better than average, with or without your standard list of contextless excuses and meaningless rhetoric…

  1. 3D printing in the ISS from the HaD Minecraft server, all that emulated on a beowulf’s arduino, emulated on a cloud’s AVR, emulated on a 555 and blinking LEDs chocolate cake.

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