3D Printed Portal Turret Searches And Destroys

Portal Turret Prop

Ah yes, Portal — one of the most iconic puzzle games from this past decade by Valve. [Yvo] just put the finishing touches on his fully 3D printed, working, Portal Turret. Well — it doesn’t have guns — but it does just about everything else!

This intricate prop replica has attention to detail written all over it. [Yvo’s] carefully designed it to actuate as close to the video game model as possible. Its eye and arms move, has a targeting laser and even features a camera for color based object tracking. You can also play around with it using a joystick — but it’s much more fun to leave on autonomous mode.

Because the whole thing is 3D printed, [Yvo] has also made up an Instructable for making your own, and according to him, it’s not that hard to build! This isn’t his first rodeo either, if you remember the awesome GlaDOS we shared last year — that’s his too.

Portal is a long time favorite here at Hack a Day, heck, we even made our own working Portal Gun once!

11 thoughts on “3D Printed Portal Turret Searches And Destroys

      1. I looked into this at one point and wanted to do a full and accurate build with retractable gun pods.

        When I opened the model from the game in an editor the gun pods are actually impossible in real life because they occupy the same space as each other and the insides of the turret body.

        To be able to do it for real you would have to either fatten up the turret so there is more internal space or have the guns themselves collapse when its being retracted.

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