T-1000C: This Time The Chickens Will Be Back

Robot Chicken

For whatever reason the city [Jenslabs] lives in decided it was a good use of taxpayer money to make some giant twig chickens and put them on the boulevard in front of his house. So he decided to spruce them up a bit with some electronics.

We’re still unsure why they did this, but [Jens] recognized them for what they truly are. T-1000C — the chicken edition. Giant robot chickens sent from the future to keep an eye on [Jens] to make sure he doesn’t stop ChickenNet. Naturally they needed glowing red eyes.

Fully expecting all his hard work to be thrown out eventually, [Jens] built the upgrades out of cheap components. A few LEDs, some transistors, resistors and a LDR (light dependent resistor). That way the eyes only glow at night.  And to waterproof it all, he wrapped it in good ‘ol duct tape.

For more fun Easter hacks, why not add some LEDs to your decorated eggs?

20 thoughts on “T-1000C: This Time The Chickens Will Be Back

  1. That’s Kolmärden in Sweden (heja Sverige!); love the idea though… they really needed robo-eyes :) Next year Jens should add some PWM so the eyes can pulse at night for extra effect. HAD needs a new category “electronic graffiti”

    1. This is an American web site, so using American expressions seems to me to be quite appropriate. Whether you call it “using taxpayers’ money” or “public art”, it’s still the same thing: a very stupid way of wasting someone else’s hard earned money.

    2. If you’ve ever given anyone money to help with bills or rent, then come to find they blew the money on beer and strippers, that’s the equivalent of the American tax system. We help pay towards problems that need to be fixed, but they still don’t have enough to fix it, so they take our money and spend it on useless crap. Then next payday they are hard up for more money.

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