Hardware Hacker’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday Guide

Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and, apparently for some just because it’s a long holiday weekend, hacker-licious sales abound right now. Here’s a run-down gathered from our intrepid Hackaday team who spared little effort in gathering this information. After all, being the hub of hackerdom, everyone just tells us this stuff. Be sure to check the actual details on the site because after reading about all these awesome opportunities to stock up for winter projects, our head is spinning. What to buy? What to give?

Not being content with Friday or Monday, Pololu started on Wednesday the 25th. So if you’re reading this you may already be too late to pick up some of the deals in, as they announced, Our Biggest Sale Ever is Back! which runs until Monday.

Robotshop is showing restraint by actually waiting until Thursday the 26th to start their Black Friday Treasure Hunt Sale! Free Products and Up to 99% DiscountsIt runs until the 30th. There is some free stuff lurking on their site so good luck!

Over at Adafruit they offer a 10% off (Update: just heard it’s 15% for at least Friday) deal starting on Friday at 12:01am EST and running until 11:59pm EST on Monday. They’ve also been hinting on some other free stuff and “big surprises” starting as soon as midnight tonight so check in on their page from time to time.

Not to be outdone the folks at Seeed Studio are offering flash items – discounted items – on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. They’re also holding Seeeday on 9 December with discounts across their website. On Seeeday you also redeem coupons earned by purchases, including services, made between now and the 7th. Check out their site for details, because after visiting the site we feel like a Sesame Street character, “I’m so confused.”

If they weren’t such nice guys we’d be tempted to call the gang at Sparkfun slackers since they are waiting until CyberMonday from 7am to 7pm MST for their sale. But they were kind enough to provide details on the 23rd so we’ll be nice.

Arrow is also waiting until what they are calling CyborgMonday with free shipping and 10% off products. Lay out your designs this weekend and put in a components order when Monday rolls around.

Over on the really hardcore engineering side, Verical is holding a Cyber Week sale with 10% off ISSI products. If you need some SRAM in your project this deal runs until 12 December.

Need a special gift for someone? Find it at Shapeways and get discounts or coupons but hurry this ends on the 26th.

MicroCenter who, like Pololu, couldn’t wait has been ‘sale-ing’ all week with their Black Friday Starts Now! event. Some of their items are only in stores so if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby you can drop the rest of the family somewhere nearby while you score your own Christmas presents. They’d be a good place to check out for PCs or other large items, not just hacker stuff.

Turkey’s aren’t the only thing up for carving this weekend with Inventables offering a discount on their Basic and Fully Loaded X-Carves. The discount is good on an upgrade package, also.

Lulzbot is getting in on the action with some discounts of about 10% on the Taz 5 and Mini.

The robotics shop, Trossen Robotics, is offering a 10% discount throughout the site. RobotGeek and InterRobotiX robots and parts are 20% off.

Over on the Hackaday Store we are still in the pre-order window for the Hackaday Omnibus vol 02. Use coupon code OMNIBUS2015 and score yours for $10.

The comments are a good place to let the community know of other sales. We’re offering a special this weekend – FREE COMMENTING!!!

16 thoughts on “Hardware Hacker’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday Guide

  1. Beware of fake sales. I’m keeping track of prices of amazon and aliexpress for a year now and i often saw prices rising before the sales, so that the sale offer was just 5%off the price of the same item, one month ago, while the original price advertised is 30-70% higher, so that customer is thinking is going to get a huge bargain. I saw good 20-30% of weighted average price around chinese new years festival and the october golden week.

      1. That and the august app sale. In my opinion these sales were enforced by Aliexpress or just many sellers doing it; sellers that couldn’t allow themselves to make sales(they were selling it as cheap as possible all year), just faked the sale. I’ll try CHNPrice:)

    1. Dammit, i cant order D:

      Tried to get the scope, since its the first ive seen thats both recent, feature rich, and within my budget, but since i try to send it too the Netherlands i dont have a billing state, and the order process fails on that.. :(

      Reached out too them in a hope they can help me before they run out of scopes, fingers crossed i guess.
      Oh and nobody buy scopes till i have mine k? thx :P

  2. Can someone post some leads on what to buy in order to tear it apart and/or hack it? That would be really interesting in contrast of only getting discounts for parts and tools.

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