Conductive Circuit Board Tattoos: Tech Tats

While hardcore body-hackers are starting to freak us out with embedded circuit boards under their skin, a new more realistic option is becoming available — temporary tech tattoos. They’re basically wearable circuit boards.

Produced by [Chaotic Moon], the team is excited to explore the future of skin-mounted components — connected with conductive ink in the form of a temporary tattoo. And if you’re still thinking why, consider this. If these tattoos can be used as temporary health sensors, packed with different biometric readings, the “tech tat” can be applied when it is needed, in order to monitor specific things.

In one of their test cases, they mount an ATiny85 connected to temperature sensors and an ambient light sensor on the skin. A simple device like this could be used to monitor someone’s vitals after surgery, or could even be used as a fitness tracker. Add a BLE chip, and you’ve got wireless data transfer to your phone or tablet for further data processing.

For more information on the world of biohacking, check out our recent editorial piece called CyberPunk yourself.

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18 thoughts on “Conductive Circuit Board Tattoos: Tech Tats

  1. Generally the artist shaves hairy spot before inking. Then you’d need to reshave to show it off.

    Cool concept but no thanks. Beside suicide bomber could exploit this, implant C4, ink circuit to the C4, use 9v battery to trigger and boom

    1. What about absorption of EM absorption to the body? Especicially if you are going to stick these sensors close to major organs which may have to happen to monitor specific things after surgeries. The other thing is that the chemicals used in these may or may not be good for chemical absorption to the body. Is there studies being performed in these regards? Otherwise I think this is an evelutionary objective and I wish you the best of luck!

      1. EM radiation? You mean radio waves? The kind that everyone in the world is exposed to 100% of the time? The kind that are absolutely harmless below levels high enough to heat flesh?

        I don’t think a low voltage circuit attached to the skin represents any danger whatsoever, beyond the possibility of an allergic reaction.

    1. Also in your reguard…ofcourse there is someone out there that would rather do harm than see good come from it. Like a lock everything is breakable/hackable. Maybe you should use your intelligence to help these guys out instead of trying to hinder it.

  2. “Brave new world”. Now my boss will know even before me when I could get into a potential medical situation and take “any appropriate measure” to protect his interests?
    Besides, has that electric paint been properly tested against short and long terms side effects? What about a battery sticked directly to the skin, and the potential effect of sweat acidity on it? Come on…………..

  3. I think its stupid!! We all know where this is headed! First it will be something cool and convenient, then BOOM, NO FOOD< NO MEDS< NO MONEY ETC unless you have this special little tattoo

  4. And now we have the Freestyle Libre, which is a little sensor you stick onto your skin which continually monitors your blood glucose level via scanning to a paired device. The temporary sensors are replaced every two weeks. Very similar concepts and as a type 1 diabetic it’s the best bit of tech that’s ever happened to me. Apart from my iPod… ;)

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