The Return Of The Screen Savers

If you were lucky enough to have cable TV back in 1998, you may remember a fledgling channel called “TechTV.” The crown jewel of the network was a show called “The Screen Savers.” Well, recently the TWiT Network has relaunched the show (without the partnership or permission from the old producers) as “The New Screen Savers” – and it’s almost exactly as we remembered it. The show features tech news, tip and tricks – starring the lovable [Leo Laporte] as the main host.

We’ll assume that most Hackaday readers are at a level of knowledge above what’s generally presented in the show, but we have to admit that we almost always find some little tech tip or software review that we didn’t know about. And if you know someone who is starting to take an interest in all things tech, this might be a great way for them to start learning quickly – and to gain exposure to a wide variety of topics.

If you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia, many of the co-hosts of the old show return regularly. People like [Kevin Rose], [Patrick Norton] and [Sarah Lane]. You can watch the show on the TWiT site or on YouTube. We’ve included the first episode after the break.

29 thoughts on “The Return Of The Screen Savers

      1. I don’t know what’s more creepy… That an old fart tech tv show host is trolling the hackaday comments in response to a crappy shown coming back, or that you knew Johns bio so well that you managed to pick out that he posts under the name Mark Pugner. Nothing personal against you, I just looked it up and I was like what the hell? What are the odds? I’m torn.

    1. Screen Savers was fine, but the best show that TechTV and later CNet TV had was Silicon Spin, hosted by, yes, Dvorak. Industry critics and journos talking about the days events….. A certain amount of intelligence around the table, with access to the real power in the industry.

    1. Mr. Cheifet got me interested in pursuing a job in technology/programming. I remember vividly one of the last episodes about the new Paradox software and SDK. Rolled myself to the student bookstore and bought a copy and never looked back….

  1. Even back before the internet, the weekly computer TV show segment wasn’t keeping up and practically useless to cover enough topics. The magazines were a much better media for info and they have ads pages for computer related products too. Easily you get at least an order of magnitude more material in one go.

  2. Watched five minutes, intro made me cringe, the rest was like the over excitement bs reporting you see in E3 streams. (basically your run of the mill sponsored American tv?? forgive me if this is a wrong assumption) so i’ll pass.

  3. I was extremely wary when G4 came on the scene and it became G4TechTV, then all of the good shows were killed off and it reverted to G4, just keeping the gaming shows. I still harbor resentment against G4 to this day for killing off TechTV. Then Revision3 was born and I was able to eventually watch a number of comparable programs. Though the death of shows when Discovery came on the scene was a twinge of déjà vu for me. Glad to see this coming back.

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