hackaday links


ahh. a new week, new stuff, new links. let’s not waste any time with chit-chat


  1. bucky says:

    I guess I missed it… what is the address of the RSS feed for the podcast? Thanks.

  2. TCM says:
  3. matrox462 says:

    My Dreamcast overclocking link got messed up. The URL is:


  4. craash420 says:

    Both links for the dreamcast take me to microsoft’s website.

  5. GEmixman says:

    He forgot the colon after “http”

    here is the correct link:


  6. matrox462 says:

    Thanks gemixman, don’t know how I forgot that as I copied and pasted it

  7. chris says:

    I have a belly button.

  8. MailyFesux says:

    is there an rss feed for the hackaday podcast? because i want to be able to download it with ipodder

  9. Yeah, the other links were redirecting me to microsoft.com… weird.

  10. Matt Smith says:

    TUAW has a podcast? Since when? Well I couldn’t find one, does anyone else know where it would be.

    Also, in response to the RSS question, I don’t think that there is a an RSS link. Kinda makes me mad because I listen to all of my podcasts on my iPod, and not on my comp. Heres the link for it anyway.


  11. IMWeasel says:

    Soldering a printer cable to an LCD is “kicking our ass at technology?” Geez, they don’t even know how to solder properly. You thread the wire through the hole (that’s what the hole is there for) and put the iron on the pad so it touches the pad and the bare wire, give it a few seconds to heat the wire and pad, then apply the solder.

  12. n00bmaster says:

    I made the lcd today, it is insane for winamp stuff, but I did it with a backlit lcd out of a photocopier of all things. I am only able to get 8 charactors. Is it because I did a 4 bit interface

  13. Oh c’mon, don’t spoil the Australian people’s fun. They were so proud of themselves, and you just had to ruin it didn’t you, Weasel? :P

  14. thomas says:

    This is a much better LCD tutorial:


    It also tells you how to integrate the power cable into the printer cable.

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