hackaday links (late night edition)


hello there readers. sorry this post is so late and we’re missing a post from yesterday but i was at cedar point in sandusky, ohio! it was great fun and we kept ourselves  as entertained as possible in ohio. moving along


  1. Neonenergy says:

    Always wondered what those buttons on the front of vader’s suit did.

    someone has to press those buttons.

  2. john gilman says:

    Perhaps you guys can talk about the “hacks” performed on Wicked Twister and Top Thrill Dragster on the next podcast, then? (Read: modification of the rides since they opened due to piss poor engineering)

  3. dudemann says:

    i am in love with that lightsaber program.

  4. Adam says:

    maybe im missing something, but is there any reason to take apart a working mic and stick it into a cell phone?

  5. Registered99 says:

    The link was to turn a PC mic into a Cell one, not Vise Versa as the link states. And the reason is that PC mics usually look awesomer.

  6. cARL says:

    Lol yeah I’ve been having fun with the Lightsaber proggie for past 3 hours tweaking… fixing.. purttying.. up my lightsabers.. :), little buggy,, but hell real nice for what it is.. I reccomend it. Anti-Aliasing Uncompressed lightsaber vids looks nice… lol, need to go back and delete the shadow though.. but atleast i can export just the frames.. Tommoro is definetly going to be a lightsaber duel fest, broad daylight is so much better condition, (course i was using a black pool cue for my “Lightsaber”), anyway… great free fun,

  7. …maybe the old mic was broken? *shrug*

  8. t3h l33t says:

    Podcast is excellent… First one is very echoey though…

  9. chris says:

    w00t my lightsaber idea got put up! :-D

  10. Paul says:

    Make a lightsaber video a year ago with adobe after effects:


  11. cARL says:

    Paul.. for that matter I made my first lightsaber movie like 7 years ago.. and it looked like ctap.. and who cares… NO ONE; This program just makes it a little faster and easier.. no need to be childish “I did that ages ago”

  12. tj says:

    all i got for the diy lightsaber was a pic of yoda is that what i’m sposed to be getting?

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