12 thoughts on “hackaday links (late night edition)

  1. Always wondered what those buttons on the front of vader’s suit did.

    someone has to press those buttons.

  2. Perhaps you guys can talk about the “hacks” performed on Wicked Twister and Top Thrill Dragster on the next podcast, then? (Read: modification of the rides since they opened due to piss poor engineering)

  3. maybe im missing something, but is there any reason to take apart a working mic and stick it into a cell phone?

  4. The link was to turn a PC mic into a Cell one, not Vise Versa as the link states. And the reason is that PC mics usually look awesomer.

  5. Lol yeah I’ve been having fun with the Lightsaber proggie for past 3 hours tweaking… fixing.. purttying.. up my lightsabers.. :), little buggy,, but hell real nice for what it is.. I reccomend it. Anti-Aliasing Uncompressed lightsaber vids looks nice… lol, need to go back and delete the shadow though.. but atleast i can export just the frames.. Tommoro is definetly going to be a lightsaber duel fest, broad daylight is so much better condition, (course i was using a black pool cue for my “Lightsaber”), anyway… great free fun,

  6. Paul.. for that matter I made my first lightsaber movie like 7 years ago.. and it looked like ctap.. and who cares… NO ONE; This program just makes it a little faster and easier.. no need to be childish “I did that ages ago”

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