Computer headset from walkie talkies

wireless headset

Okay, now I think we’ve covered all of the bases when it comes to modifying devices to use them as Skype peripherals. Reader Mad Matt chopped up a pair of toy walkie talkies so that he could build a wireless headset to use with his computer. Although he doesn’t mention VOIP, there are only a few other things this could be used for. Of note is that he used a usb connector between the headset and the receiver/transmitter so that he could have a quick disconnect if needed. If we kill Matt’s free hosting you can try the Coral Cache.

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Defacement update

I’m sure those of you that witnessed the defacement of Weblogs inc. yesterday want to know what happened. Our head developer has updated his blog. I guess k1dd135 ruining your anniversary has reached a new level. If anybody actually had a fun Saturday night and doesn’t know what we’re talking about: here’s a screenshot.

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