PVC Bagpipes


They’re supposed to sound great. I swear. Well at least compared to bagpipes. They should only cost you about $5 not including the reeds. I doubt many of you are going to rush to the hardware store to build these, since you need to be pretty familiar with the instrument beforehand. That being said: I’m sure the submitter will get some great mileage out of his pipes without the fear of damage and I do actually like bagpipe music.

[thanks Billy the impaler]


  1. azog says:

    Bagpipes are pretty rough to learn. Because of the drone pipe, and the fact that the chanters must be in tune with the drone, they’re often not on a “standard” scale. Serious kudos to anyone who can master these things.

  2. bird603568 says:

    Score now I can finally rock out with Dropkick Murphys.

  3. popher says:

    I love bagpipes, but i think my set are broken.
    Heh. This should help :P

  4. LED_scorched says:

    i desided to take him up on th Mr Yuk logo idea :P

  5. ryan says:

    don’t forget to put “beta” in big red letters, even though the site has been up for a long time

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    Gotta watch the pipes music.

    Makes me want to don the garb and go after some British.
    And I was born in New Jersey!

    The minstrel boy to the war is gone…

  7. LED_scorched says:

    maybe we can officially move out of “beta” status if we adopt a new logo :P

  8. uilleann (irish) pipes are the only way to go. Highland pipes are crap compared to uilleann.

  9. I make bagpipes myself.
    I don’t know about pvc pipes, I would have tried a different plastic first, or perhaps metal tubing.

  10. BEN says:


    How about the scottish or irish small pipes? These sound better anyhow

  11. pimapen says:

    uilleann (irish) pipes are the only way to go. Highland pipes are crap compared to uilleann.

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