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Make joke aobut Mr. Yuk; get a free logo from [mrdelayer]. [led_scorched] also thought it was a good idea.

Here is a good howto on OSX86 [via everywhere]

Japanese door that barely opens, check the video

MAKE:Blog‘s reverse case mod reminded me of this pic [jamie moffett] had sent in a while back

The DIrtY MIRT is definitely illegal now. I have all the parts, but I don’t even want to do the proof of concept anymore.

Build your own poodle [tim]

That’s all I’ve got for links; seriously start submitting.

22 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. yea since its a federal crime now the dirty mirt probably isnt such a good idea, seeing how the control center for all stoplights and everything is notified every time a light is pre-empted. if you dont want to make it anymore you could send the parts over my way. id pay shipping, haha

  2. So where can I find detailed information on how they made this work? Is it still using vmware for any kind of emulation? I just don’t understand how this can run on an x86.

  3. apple’s just re-compiled the os to run nativly on any x86 with sse2, though you need sse3 to run non-native mac programs through rossetta. it’s no different than debian being run on 12 different platforms.

  4. As a side note to everyone reading the “turn a pc into a bookshelf” article – depending on where you live, taking items that are in the trash (or being thrown out) can be constituted as stealing. In Colorado, all of the stuff in trash cans are considered property of the trash company. Keep the great links coming!

  5. jared harleytha: around here (that is, in texas), if it’s out on the curb, in a dumpster, or in a trashcan, you’re allowed to take it; it’s no longer anyone’s property (until someone comes along and grabs it, that is)

  6. A mouser parts list?

    If you are so stupid that you can’t look up parts on mouser.com yourself then go to the Police station and turn yourself in now.

    You would obviously just get caught instantly, you big dope. Save everyone the trouble.

  7. I didn’t see how the federal government can regulate state traffic on state roads, so I looked it up –


    It looks like it’s only illegal to use it in a way that would affect interstate commerce (weak argument) or to sell it in interstate commerce. (good case)

    “The term `unauthorized use’ does not apply to use of a traffic signal preemption transmitter for classroom or instructional purposes.’.”

    The federal government makes a *very* weak case regarding interstate commerce here, and I think it wouldn’t stand up in court at all.

    The arguments in the article “Maniacs going 80mph with an endless string of green lights! Ambulances crashing and exploding! OMG!” are also disgustingly weak and fear-mongering. Bah. I say build it and screw them.

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