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I was wrong. The skull and crossbones isn’t gaining new popularity. Josh Rubin is just obsessed. I do love my Kid Robot hoodie.

Here are some other IR cam links:
Nikon D70 [christofer flynn]
Polaroid PDC2010 [via]

Windows 95 and Linux on PSP via Bochs Thanks to [matan] for sending it directly to us, but it’s hard to scoop Engadget with one post a day.

Speaking of Engadget, if I buy a scribbler robot is it a tax writeoff?

Helium balloon aerial movies [anoymous](sic)

Build your own render farm This got lost in the shuffle yesterday.

Google maps hacking blog I’m sure this isn’t the only one out there. [anoymous]

[Derwin] removed the mushrooms from Supre Mario Brothers. See how hard withdrawl is.

The last issue of Phrack has been released. [a person]

Damn, I’ve been looking for that graffiti bot link forever.

The text editor poll is complete, have a look at the results.

Want to have a Hack-A-Day meetup in your area? First, let’s find out who lives near you by marking your location on the Hack-A-Day guest map. Make sure to throw in your contact info. [via Download Squad]

As usual, keep the links coming in.

19 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Wow added myself to the map thing, hope their are more brits who are hackers out there, and the PSP looks amazing best idea is to make some sort of custom linux distro best suited for the PSP, Windows 95 well…. The plus with Linux is you could get the wireless working as Wifi is only supported on Win98SE+.
    What ever next OS X on the PSP?

  2. i once thought of making a graffitibot

    the approach with the cables is interesting, when i was thinking about it i more envisioned 2 metal beams that it slid on, much like the mechanisms in CNC machines or those crane games where you grab stuffed animals

    added myself to the map

  3. Suggestion: Make the guest map a perminent link, i.e. put it on every page under the logo/banner mebby so that the link doesn’t get forever lost in the hack-a-day archives… and don’t gimmie no crap bout a search button, Fool!

  4. The Google map won’t let me add my place either. I tried both clicking and single-clicking where someone is not – the Download Squad’s one is a single click to add information. As a side note, when my computer loads the map, I get an IE error:
    Line: 289
    Char: 277
    Error: Invalid Argument
    Code: 0

  5. I dig the hoodie, man. Just in case anyone asks you about it, the kanji on the skull’s forehead means “death”. It’s pronouced even more simply, “shi”. Just in case you didn’t already know.

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