PVC Bagpipes


They’re supposed to sound great. I swear. Well at least compared to bagpipes. They should only cost you about $5 not including the reeds. I doubt many of you are going to rush to the hardware store to build these, since you need to be pretty familiar with the instrument beforehand. That being said: I’m sure the submitter will get some great mileage out of his pipes without the fear of damage and I do actually like bagpipe music.

[thanks Billy the impaler]

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Hackaday Links

yuk logo

Make joke aobut Mr. Yuk; get a free logo from [mrdelayer]. [led_scorched] also thought it was a good idea.

Here is a good howto on OSX86 [via everywhere]

Japanese door that barely opens, check the video

MAKE:Blog‘s reverse case mod reminded me of this pic [jamie moffett] had sent in a while back

The DIrtY MIRT is definitely illegal now. I have all the parts, but I don’t even want to do the proof of concept anymore.

Build your own poodle [tim]

That’s all I’ve got for links; seriously start submitting.

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