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It was a decent weekend and it sounds like I’m going to ToorCon.  Anybody else planning on attending?

Yesterday I asked for a decent hovercraft link. [lehmon] says he followed these instructions and it worked great. Mirrored at i-hacked.

UPDATE: I’m an idiot [Logan]

The minisub yesterday was cool, but the mini Nautilus is awesome. [anonymous]

Here is an SWR for your O-scope [mizar]

List of browsing proxies [Matt I]
2D barcode decoding [nanobot]
Cooking with your sunshade [deniz]
Guitar tuning assistant for your PSP [darkk]
Build your own tattoo machine, no don’t [Billy Bones]
Barbie menstrual mod, I am so, so, very sorry [chris]
[ryan] reminded me of Newton poetry, ah memories
The Pope doesn’t want you to build your own religion [bird603568]
[Dylan] made his own Hack-A-Day stickers
Robot attacks Japanese prime minister
Whax and Auditor demo videos collected in one torrent, (.rar grr) [via Digg]

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Homebrew SWR meter


Wondering how to get the best performance out of your homebrew WiFi antennae? This homebuilt SWR meter will help you measure and match the impedance of your antennae with your source. A good match will ensure maximum power transfer. Use the full schematics or you can just buy the meter from the site.

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