Hackaday Links

It was a decent weekend and it sounds like I’m going to ToorCon.  Anybody else planning on attending?

Yesterday I asked for a decent hovercraft link. [lehmon] says he followed these instructions and it worked great. Mirrored at i-hacked.

UPDATE: I’m an idiot [Logan]

The minisub yesterday was cool, but the mini Nautilus is awesome. [anonymous]

Here is an SWR for your O-scope [mizar]

List of browsing proxies [Matt I]
2D barcode decoding [nanobot]
Cooking with your sunshade [deniz]
Guitar tuning assistant for your PSP [darkk]
Build your own tattoo machine, no don’t [Billy Bones]
Barbie menstrual mod, I am so, so, very sorry [chris]
[ryan] reminded me of Newton poetry, ah memories
The Pope doesn’t want you to build your own religion [bird603568]
[Dylan] made his own Hack-A-Day stickers
Robot attacks Japanese prime minister
Whax and Auditor demo videos collected in one torrent, (.rar grr) [via Digg]

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