Hackaday links late night

Never forget your power supply when you’ve got a 60 mile round trip to go get it.

It was grilled cheese day all day over at Slashfood. I tried googling for a hacker method, but I didn’t find what I wanted. The closest I came was cooking grilled cheese with an iron. I recommend wrapping it in tinfoil so you don’t have to decheese your iron.

Following Xeni’s lead, you can add me as a friend on Facebook.

[pete] sent in the wooden case he built. If you missed it in the comments [zapwizard] pointed out Mr.Red’s 2nd generation wooden laptop.

There is a generic OSX86 generic install DVD patcher in the wild. READ_ME_FIRST [Jim] said it worked fine for him.

[Patrick] decided to make his 4GB PSP adapter a little more secure.

Wayfar hacks NES cartridges so that you can take full control of the sound chip with a midi device, it does visualization based on the input too. [ceedub]

We’ve linked to starting fire with an ice lens before, but you can also pull it off with a bag of water.

[C-S-B] sent in his buddy’s carputer over at mp3car.

Thanks for the love.

UPDATE: Facebook link should be fixed


  1. kyleyankan says:

    Your facebook link doesnt work. You cant link right to your profile. Only people from your schoool/your friends can see it by default.

  2. ryan says:

    the zapwizard, or some poser? if its the real you, hey, i’m not a monster at bit-tech, and if you look around long enough, you might see strykr2k and casey blackburn here too

  3. Kyle, I’ve got it set up so everyone should be able to see it, try logging into Facebook before you click the link.

  4. ez says:

    i’m sooo confused about the nes sound cart thing.

  5. pog says:

    htby.org has a great article on cooking grilled cheese.

  6. Alan says:

    facebook link doesn’t work. :-(

    don’t tell me you go to drexel…..><

  7. kyleyankan says:

    Alan: I goto Drexel. Mwuahahahaha
    Eliot: I tried again and just get dumped out at my facebook. Oh Well :-/

  8. The link has finally been fixed.

  9. You missed the best tutorial for a grilled sandwich with an iron. That video cracks me up!


  10. james kwan says:

    LOL – I saw that grilled cheese with an iron trick on a Discovery Channel show about women in prison.

  11. steven says:

    hello anyone know any facebook hacks

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