Hackaday Links Late Night

Never forget your power supply when you’ve got a 60 mile round trip to go get it.

It was grilled cheese day all day over at Slashfood. I tried googling for a hacker method, but I didn’t find what I wanted. The closest I came was cooking grilled cheese with an iron. I recommend wrapping it in tinfoil so you don’t have to decheese your iron.

Following Xeni’s lead, you can add me as a friend on Facebook.

[pete] sent in the wooden case he built. If you missed it in the comments [zapwizard] pointed out Mr.Red’s 2nd generation wooden laptop.

There is a generic OSX86 generic install DVD patcher in the wild. READ_ME_FIRST [Jim] said it worked fine for him.

[Patrick] decided to make his 4GB PSP adapter a little more secure.

Wayfar hacks NES cartridges so that you can take full control of the sound chip with a midi device, it does visualization based on the input too. [ceedub]

We’ve linked to starting fire with an ice lens before, but you can also pull it off with a bag of water.

[C-S-B] sent in his buddy’s carputer over at mp3car.

Thanks for the love.

UPDATE: Facebook link should be fixed

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  1. the zapwizard, or some poser? if its the real you, hey, i’m not a monster at bit-tech, and if you look around long enough, you might see strykr2k and casey blackburn here too

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